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call me uncle tora xoxo

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durbatelkamp asked : You!!! Your blog, the A9 stuff, just made my day...Have reblogged like a whore, and totally agree with you about those dumb bitches who think they're fangirling on fb, gong all ''let's have babies'' and ''meet my husband'' and what-not-shit. No wonder they don't do world tours... Pff... But thanks for the nice stuff, keep posting!

hehehe thank u dear! xoxo

u have a great day, ok~

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lovelyjinki asked : Uncle Tora <3 i love you and your blog!! it makes me remember the days when i was OBSESSED with Jrock! and i miss those days and want to go back to them (which im getting there xD ) and your blog is helping me get there :D so thank you and your lovely blog <3 Tora was my First ever Bias so i will always love Tora!

hi dear! thank you for this msg! <3 im glad i helped! xo

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embracethe-shadow-deactivated20 asked : I love your blog *.* qkhwblvjha

thank you! :*

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paradisepoison asked : My god, your tumblr is PERFECT.

why, thank u hun! :)

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Tatsuhi - Zoro for shiroban

Tatsuhi - Zoro for shiroban

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